How to Select the Right Tuxedo Tie

When you have been invited to a formal event in Pompano Beach, you may be a little frazzled over thinking about what type of attire will be appropriate. Once you have your tuxedo in Pompano Beach selected, it is then time to consider your accessories, including which tie to adorn the outfit. While your tie should complement your tuxedo, other considerations factor into the decision over which tie to wear.

Ties add an elevated level of sophistication to an outfit. The options regarding ties are almost limitless. There are pre-tied ties and self-tied versions. There are a variety of colors, styles and patterns along with varying widths and lengths. The tie selected brings an air of sophistication and a feeling that the person wearing it is professional.

Bow ties often complement tuxedos. This is because bow ties often feel more formal than traditional neck ties. Like with traditional neck ties, there are a number of different patterns, styles, colors and pre-tied and self-tied versions. Individuals who want to change the size of the bow can opt for a self-tied version to make the tie bigger or smaller.

One important consideration when determining which tie to wear is the formality of the event. The more formal the event, the more likely that a bow tie will be the proper choice. However, it is also important to consider your own comfort level, style and preferences. Either choice still allows you to let your personality shine by selecting a tie in a different pattern, color or size. This also allows you to coordinate your outfit with your guest’s. After looking through some of our online options, stop by our location to talk to one of our skilled salespeople who can offer suggestions on attire for your next special event.