Do you have other locations my out of town groomsmen can go to?

You only need one professional and knowledgeable tuxedo store to take care of your entire bridal party. Out of town guests can simply download our measurement form here.

A reputable tuxedo store near them, will complete measurement form.

The measurements can be emailed, faxed or called in to us.

Our staff will have their tuxedo waiting for them, upon arrival.

How many days before the wedding can the men pick up their tuxedos?

All tux rentals are available Thursday before the wedding!

Our procedure is simple:

- The men will arrive during our store hours,

- They will try the complete tuxedo on, in one of our 6 dressing rooms.

- We will make the necessary adjustments if necessary and they will

- Leave our tux store carrying a black garment bag with the entire tuxedo ensemble

Do you have a "Drop box" for returns after the wedding?

All tuxedos are due back the Monday following the wedding, during our store hours.

What's the most popular style trending right now?

Slim fit tuxedos in shades of black, navy, grey, burgundy, cobalt, and tan.

Are shoes included in your tuxedo rentals?

Yes, we carry the latest colors and styles in cognac, dark grey, black, dark brown.

How far in advance should I reserve tuxedos for my wedding?

Four to six months would be the appropriate time frame to set up your wedding file. Measurements will take place no later than one month before the wedding date.

What color accessories do you carry?

Our tuxedo store is stocked with over 100 choice colors to compliment your bridal party color scheme.

Blush pink has been the most popular this year.

I plan on losing weight, what is the latest deadline to be measured?

After your initial measurements have been taken, we will offer a recheck of measurements, two weeks before the wedding.

Do you rent suits?

Yes, we carry slim fit styles in navy, black, grey and tan for rental or purchase.

Is full payment required upfront?

With each measurement a $50.00 down payment towards the tuxedo rental is due. Final payment is due when your tuxedo is picked up on Thursday.

We accept all major credit cards.