Ted Barry’s Got Your Colors! Thank you so much for helping us with the tuxedos for our wedding. All the men looked fabulous. Attached are some pictures of our wedding.

You will be recommended by us!!!


Diane and Tom Bentley

Thank you for helping make the men in our wedding look so handsome. We were so happy how the men looked so classic! Best wishes for your business.

Naomi & Markus Spotts

Thanks Ted Barry Tuxedos… We Looked Amazing!

Vincent and Nayara Kish

I’m so happy I went with Ted Barry’s Tuxedo. My husband looked so handsome and so did my son and all my groomsmen. We had no problems what so ever and my son’s pants were big but that was due to him being so very slim. We went and they fixed the pant issue immediately. Thank you so much Ted and Carol!

Diana E.

When my brother-in-law got married he chose Ted Barry for the tux rentals for us. Although they’re an independent shop, they’ll take tux measurements from the big chains.

The service was personal and friendly. They are extremely knowledgeable and have obviously been in the business for a long time.

From what I saw on display they have a good selection of tuxes: black, gray, white, and even brown.

I’d recommend Ted Barry’s any day of the week and twice on Sunday (on which they’re closed).

Robert H.

I got married in Dec 20 2014 and my husband got his tuxedos here for all the groomsmen and himself …….AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM BEGINNING TO END !! we actually went to men’s warehouse in Coral Springs on University Dr initially but got turned off by very poor customer service and so we left.

Ted Barry made us feel welcomed and showed so much interest in getting the guys measured and fitted. We were comfortable. Some of the groomsmen were all over NY, Orlando and Pennsylvania but he explained to us how to get the standard tux measurements done and telephoned them in according to the chart he gave us. WEDDING DAY my hubby and the guys had on the most perfect fit and style tuxedos. Amazing people to do business with. They even gave us a free gift as we ordered 6 tuxedos in total ….my hubby’ tux was free !! #happy customers#. We travelled 35 minutes one way to Deerfield Beach from where we lived and it was well worth it….despite the fact that we had lived only 8 minutes away from men’s warehouse.

The experience was great. As a black couple walking into that store we had our own reservations but was made to feel and think otherwise….Thank you Ted Barry!!!!!

Karen W.

I’m sitting in Ted’s store on Saturday morning while he tailors a great looking Tux for a Saturday evening event that we were invited to at the last minute. I did not think it would be possible to get service like this and I’m sure that would be the case at a big box store but the owners of this store know their business and have a very nice quality Tux selection. I’m very lucky that I found this store and amazed by their selection and excellent Customer service.

Randy R.

I had an excellent experience with Ted Barry Tuxedos. They were patient with myself and one of my groomsman as we tried on various jackets and shirts to find the right fit. Ted has a great personality and seems to genuinely want to make sure that you are pleased with their service. I would recommend them to anyone looking to rent formal wear.


Rented a full Tux for a wedding in Philly. We live in FL. Price was way below what I expected for five days.

The owners were professionals – not like the “chain” stores with no customer service skills. The seamstress was the absolute best. My husband will look so handsome on July 3rd!! I give this store the highest ratings and if the need arises, I would go back to them in a NY minute!!!

Nancy C.

As father of the bride, I was “responsible” for three tuxedos (mine, grooms, best man’s). I was also governed by my wife’s and daughter’s taste in colors and styles. But that was okay, because they have a wide spectrum of colors of vests (and accessories), and a couple of choices of jacket and trouser colors and trims. Indeed, the ladies had trouble deciding which shade of green (the groom’s Irish) to pick (must have been about a dozen of them – indeed, a dozen shades, it seems, of all the colors – maybe even a few “unusual” ones that you wouldn’t be caught dead in).

Anyway, Carol was a wealth of information and suggestions – that’s one really knowledgeable lady! Ted did the measuring, but Carol was there looking over his shoulder (so to speak), and suggesting adjustments (“That doesn’t look right, let him try a larger size”; “Not bad, but let’s see how he looks in a slightly darker shade”). We really appreciated her suggestions, and even though some things were not “traditional” she had no problem with my wife’s and daughter’s decisions.

My daughter even went back AFTER we placed the order, and changed some of the colors. No big deal for Carolyn. Changes made with a smile.

I would note that in most shades they have bow ties and pre-tied ties (unfortunately, no tie-it-yourself ties, which I prefer). I wanted a bow tie, but it wasn’t available in the shade the ladies picked. Oh well – nothing to lose sleep over.

Several other customers we present while we were and she handled them all with courtesy and efficiency. I was impressed with her ability to relate to her customers. Indeed the negative reviews I have read seem totally inconsistent with our experience.

If I had to find something to complain about, it would be that the white patent leather shoes I wore were a little uncomfortable (something not uncommon with such shoes). My wife put some padding inside the heel, and that made the shoes work better. But for the three hours I had to wear them, it was only a minor distraction.

I’m realistic, and I know better than to be unrealistic in expectations. For example, they have business hours, and it’s unreasonable to expect a business to open up outside those hours, even if it’s an inconvenience for the customer. Yet Carol stayed a little bit late when we picked up our tuxes, just to be sure we were happy, and she seemed like a gracious hostess the whole time.

They expect everything to be returned the first business day after the wedding. That’s fair. They have to recycle everything for new customers, and we really had no need for them after the wedding.

I gave them top rating in all categories, but I’d add a 6th star for service, primarily because Carol was so gracious and helpful.

So, thank you, Carol, and in case you might not recognize who I am, my daughter was the bride with the green hair (funny, because there’s no Irish in our lineage).

M. Ross. S.