Monthly Archives: November 2012

Thanksgiving Day

I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving and what it should mean to the Lucky Ones who have survived Natural Disasters, Disease, Job Loss, Poverty, and the Election! Let’s discuss the GIVING part of Thanksgiving….it means this is a time to Give Back! It really isn’t about Turkey or Stuffing Mix, which is the topic of Food Network. And it certainly isn’t about Black Friday or the Late Night Openings of Retail Stores, in order to get a jump start on Holiday Shopping…. Give Back to those who are needy…Feed a Family for Thanksgiving…Adopt a Family this Holiday Season and You will...Read More

”Love in the Kitchen“

I continue to be amazed at the number of Men who Love to Cook! Future Brides are also “Bread Winner’s” so whoever is better in the Kitchen, feels responsible to prepare Dinner. It is so important for the other partner, to be a part of this process. Offering to prepare the salad, or to set the table…. could be a Romantic Gesture….Cleaning up afterwards, will be much quicker, if done by Two…leaving the rest of the Evening to Your Imaginations…Read More