Tuxedo Color Guide

Your Coral Springs tuxedo shop has more than just the traditional white or black tuxedo for your event. You can choose from a wide variety of color options to showcase your unique style and to complement your date. The color of tuxedo that you choose can be based on your preference, your belief regarding what color looks best on you and the message that you want to send during your Coral Springs Wedding. Some color options and the messages that they convey are described below.

Gray Tuxedos

For individuals who want a classic look and who do not want to stray too far away from the traditional color palette, grey is a nice option. A gray tuxedo exudes a modern classic look that also allows patterned accessories to pop. Gray, red and purple accessories all pair wonderfully with this option.

Tan Tuxedos

Just as a gray suit is closely related to a black one, a tan suit is a nice counterpart to a white tuxedo. A tan tuxedo often provides a relaxed look that appears like you did not try too hard. If your date will be wearing a gold or white dress, a tan suit will perfectly complement it.

Navy Tuxedos

Navy tuxedos are quickly becoming as common as black tuxedos but they provide a more modern look. Accessories that are matching navy, black or gray tend to complement this look better. A darker suit like navy can pair well with a lighter outfit such as a white dress or tuxedo. However, a shade lighter than the tuxedo can create a striking pair.

Vibrant Colors

Those who are not afraid to stand out may opt for a more vibrant color, such as red, light blue, green, orange or purple. Someone who wears this type of tuxedo wants to make a statement that won’t soon be forgotten.