Tuxedo Rental Mistakes to Avoid

When you are searching for the perfect tuxedo rental in Coconut Creek, it is important that you carefully consider the entire ensemble and that you have the assistance of trusted stylists. At Ted Barry Tuxedos & Suits, you get the perspective from both a man and a woman so that you can understand what looks great and feels great. Some tuxedo rental mistakes that we help people avoid in Coconut Creek include:

Showcasing the Wrong Accessories

We know that you want to stand out, but we will help ensure that you are standing out for only the right reasons and not because you have made a fashion faux pas. We can help swap out your bold colored shoes for a more muted option that provide a classic look. Rather than going for a shoe with extra flash like bicycle toes or wingtips, we can point you in a more appropriate direction. We can also help you showcase your unique personality with just the right accessory, such as a charming pocket square or handkerchief. If you are wanting to add color to your tuxedo, we can help assess the event colors, your role, the season and other factors to ensure that you complement and do not clash with the surroundings.

Converting Your Tuxedo into a Suit

Sometimes people have worn suits more often than they have worn tuxedos so they revert back to familiar options such as two or three-button single breasted tuxedos, notched lapels or flap pockets. These traditional suit details detract from the formality of a tuxedo. If you are shopping for a tuxedo, we will help you find a tuxedo – not a suit.

Not Pairing with the Right Tie

We can help you choose from our extensive line of ties based on your fabric, color and style preference. We can also show you how to tie the tie appropriately so that you have the perfect finishing touch for your tuxedo.