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What Not to Do Tuxedo Guide

When selecting a tuxedo in Parkland, there are many tips that can help you make a good final selection.  However, there are also certain things to avoid when selecting a tuxedo in Parkland.  You are more likely to wind up with a nice, well-fitting tuxedo if you avoid the following: Wear Notched Lapels Notched lapels are not as formal in nature.  Therefore, they are usually avoided when dressing for a wedding or other formal event. Wear Flap Pockets Flap pockets are another detail that is better left for less formal events that generally require a tuxedo.   Wear Pleats Down When...Read More

Rules to Live by when Choosing a Tuxedo Rental Near Me

If you are getting married, have been invited to a wedding or will be going to another formal event, you may be searching for a tuxedo rental near me in Fort Lauderdale.  After finding Ted Barry Tuxedos within your search for a tuxedo rental near me, keep the following pointers in mind to ensure that you look your best for the big day: It is Not Really Optional If you receive an invitation that says that is “black tie optional” or some other deviation of this, understand that it really is not an option and is expected. Tuxedos Are More...Read More

How to Select the Right Tuxedo Tie

When you have been invited to a formal event in Pompano Beach, you may be a little frazzled over thinking about what type of attire will be appropriate. Once you have your tuxedo in Pompano Beach selected, it is then time to consider your accessories, including which tie to adorn the outfit. While your tie should complement your tuxedo, other considerations factor into the decision over which tie to wear. Ties add an elevated level of sophistication to an outfit. The options regarding ties are almost limitless. There are pre-tied ties and self-tied versions. There are a variety of colors,...Read More

”Love in the Kitchen“

I continue to be amazed at the number of Men who Love to Cook! Future Brides are also “Bread Winner’s” so whoever is better in the Kitchen, feels responsible to prepare Dinner. It is so important for the other partner, to be a part of this process. Offering to prepare the salad, or to set the table…. could be a Romantic Gesture….Cleaning up afterwards, will be much quicker, if done by Two…leaving the rest of the Evening to Your Imaginations…Read More

Upcoming Election

While My Bridal Parties are busy planning their Weddings, there is a very important Event taking place in 11 days; Our Presidential Election. Like Your Wedding, this takes planning and over the course of the next few days it is my hope, that you will take the time, to review the Candidates for the next President of the United States and to review the Amendments, which will also have an impact on your New Lives Together! We are all guilty of getting caught up in our personal lives, but VOTING is an Honor and one’s Obligation. You’ve taken the time...Read More