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Tuxedo Rental Mistakes to Avoid

When you are searching for the perfect tuxedo rental in Coconut Creek, it is important that you carefully consider the entire ensemble and that you have the assistance of trusted stylists. At Ted Barry Tuxedos & Suits, you get the perspective from both a man and a woman so that you can understand what looks great and feels great. Some tuxedo rental mistakes that we help people avoid in Coconut Creek include: Showcasing the Wrong Accessories We know that you want to stand out, but we will help ensure that you are standing out for only the right reasons and...Read More

How to Make the Most of a Tuxedo Rental Near Me

After Googling “tuxedo rental near me,” you will probably see many options in the Parkland area. However, not all tuxedo rental near me results will provide the same real-life results. By trusting an established shop like Ted Barry Tuxedos, you get insider fashion tips such as: Wear the Right Shoes Stick to classic shoes to make sure that your entire ensemble is on point. Formal events require an elevated level of formality, so they are not the right place to try out unorthodox style statements. Traditional black shoes like leather oxfords perfectly complement a sharp tuxedo. Shine your shoes before...Read More

Bow Ties: The Perfect Addition to Your Tuxedo Rental

Bow ties are an important accessory that have an immediate impact on an ensemble.  While they are a traditional accessory by history, they can also provide a modern touch.  A tuxedo rental in Coconut Creek is incomplete without the proper accessories to elevate the look.  Learn to stylishly accessorize your tuxedo rental in Coconut Creek by keeping the following in mind: Consider Coordination Part of what makes a bow tie work so well is how it complements the rest of the outfit.  Choosing the right color, fabric and size can help make someone look more polished.  It is important to...Read More

Top Four Mistakes to Avoid with Tuxedo Rentals  

  A tuxedo rental is often inspired by an important life event, such as your own wedding, a friend’s wedding, a prom or another formal affair.  When deciding which tuxedo rental location to choose in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas, like Delray Beach or Boynton Beach, it is important that you consider many important factors. While you may have a few options in Boca Raton, try to avoid these common pitfalls: Renting from a Non-Tuxedo Business  Some businesses offer a tuxedo rental as a smaller part of their business, such as a department store or a bridal shop.  They...Read More

Tuxedo Rental Near Me: Why Choose Ted Barry Tuxedos?

When you Google search tuxedo rental near me in Deerfield Beach, you may get some results. A search for tuxedo rental near me can give you many more hits when considering surrounding areas like Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale.  With the few options that exist, you may think that all tuxedo shops are the same.  However, this could not be further from the truth. Ted Barry Tuxedos offers an extensive line of tuxedos for all occasions. We have a diverse array of colors to choose from including different colored jackets, vests, shoes, ties and other accessories...Read More