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Tuxedo Color Guide

Your Coral Springs tuxedo shop has more than just the traditional white or black tuxedo for your event. You can choose from a wide variety of color options to showcase your unique style and to complement your date. The color of tuxedo that you choose can be based on your preference, your belief regarding what color looks best on you and the message that you want to send during your Coral Springs Wedding. Some color options and the messages that they convey are described below. Gray Tuxedos For individuals who want a classic look and who do not want to...Read More

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Tuxedo

Tuxedo options in Boynton Beach are expansive in nature. This can provide a great opportunity to select just the right tuxedo for you in Boynton Beach. However, it can also seem a little overwhelming. Some of the options and best practices for tuxedo fabrics are described below. Wool Wool is a surprisingly breathable material. It can be used in the winter when extra weight is needed. However, there are many lightweight wool options that make it appropriate for all seasons. An added bonus of this material is that it can help regulate body temperature so that it can help keep...Read More

Groom’s Dilemma: Suit or Tuxedo?

A groom with an eminent wedding date has a major decision to make: whether to choose a suit or tuxedo in Cocunut Creek.  Each provides an opportunity for the groom to show off personal style and to reflect the formality of the event.  Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing a suit or tuxedo in Coconut Creek. Suits A suit is a traditional choice to dress more formally in comparison to the typical career wardrobe a person wears.  Suits sometimes provide more color options than tuxedos.  Suits are sometimes more comfortable than tuxedos.  However, they may not...Read More

Wedding Tuxedo Considerations

When considering which tuxedo to rent or buy in Coral Springs or Margate, there are many factors that influence this decision.  A tuxedo is the go-to choice for most grooms and groomsmen taking part in a Coral Springs weddings.  Some considerations for this important decision include: Color of Tuxedo  While Black is the standard choice, especially in the new slim fit tuxedo, the newest Color choices are Shades of Grey, Navy, White with Black Trim, Ivory with Black Trim, Wine with Black Trim and many other shades.  Tan Destination Wedding Suits, perfect for outdoor or Beach Weddings.  Most of the...Read More

Selecting a Tuxedo Based on Your Body Shape

Part of the trick of finding a suitable tuxedo in Ft. Lauderdale is being able to tell which styles will work best for you.  Certain body types are enhanced by certain tuxedo fits.  Consider these guidelines when shopping for your next Ft. Lauderdale tuxedo: Slim Fit Tuxedo The Young Slim Entrepreneur who follows the latest trends but wants to have the "Custom Fit Look" in a Rental Tuxedo. Many Bridal Parties today consist of Young Boys as well, and the sizes range from Toddler to Teens in an array of colored Tuxedo Styles. Therefore, whether a man has a Slim Build...Read More