Top Four Mistakes to Avoid with Tuxedo Rentals  


A tuxedo rental is often inspired by an important life event, such as your own wedding, a friend’s wedding, a prom or another formal affair.  When deciding which tuxedo rental location to choose in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas, like Delray Beach or Boynton Beach, it is important that you consider many important factors. While you may have a few options in Boca Raton, try to avoid these common pitfalls:

Renting from a Non-Tuxedo Business

 Some businesses offer a tuxedo rental as a smaller part of their business, such as a department store or a bridal shop.  They may hand over a catalog and have the customer select the tuxedo that they are interested in.  However, not having access to the actual inventory can cause many problems.  What may look great in a magazine may be very ill-fitting in real life.  Be careful in that situation.

Choosing a Company with Low Inventory 

Similarly, it can be a mistake to go with a tuxedo shop that does not have an adequate inventory or that will not order the tuxedo ahead of time to have you try it on.  This can often result in receiving a tuxedo that is ill-fitting or simply not to your liking.  You may have little options if you made your selection during a very busy weekend or season.  Consider using a store that will ensure that you can try on the tuxedo before being committed to it.

Basing Everything on Price 

While budget is certainly important, it is not the only factor that matters.  If the tuxedo does not fit you or your bridal party appropriately, the pictures of the day may be a source of contention in the future.

Using Someone with No Experience 

Formalwear Consultants who are experienced with Tuxedo trends and who also know how to properly size customers, are the most valuable employees and will provide the best customer service, not an inexperienced store clerk.  Fit is incredibly important, so this knowledge is paramount to a good renting experience.