Groom’s Dilemma: Suit or Tuxedo?

A groom with an eminent wedding date has a major decision to make: whether to choose a suit or tuxedo in Cocunut Creek.  Each provides an opportunity for the groom to show off personal style and to reflect the formality of the event.  Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing a suit or tuxedo in Coconut Creek.


A suit is a traditional choice to dress more formally in comparison to the typical career wardrobe a person wears.  Suits sometimes provide more color options than tuxedos.  Suits are sometimes more comfortable than tuxedos.  However, they may not always be the perfect fit which can cause issues.  If an invitation denotes that the wedding will be white tie or black tie, a tuxedo on the groom will likely be expected.  If the groom is instead outfitted in a suit, a guest or the wedding party may outshine the groom.


Tuxedos offer a polished and sophisticated look.  For formal weddings, the tuxedo is the classic selection.  Satin is an integral part of many tuxedos, providing a stunning look with satin lapels and satin-covered buttons.  Tuxedos often provide a sharper look than a common suit.  Ted Barry Tuxedos has a complete array of options for tuxedo colors and accessories.  Celebrities who choose a well-tailored tuxedo often receive praise about their ensemble while peers in suits may be more harshly judged.  If a bride is wearing a gown or other formal dress, a tuxedo can echo this formality.  Tuxedos elevate an event.  Since a wedding is always a special occasion for the groom, this is the perfect time to dress perfectly.

Additionally, wedding photos and videos will capture the look, so it is best to make the best impression for these lasting images.