Rules to Live by when Choosing a Tuxedo Rental Near Me

If you are getting married, have been invited to a wedding or will be going to another formal event, you may be searching for a tuxedo rental near me in Fort Lauderdale.  After finding Ted Barry Tuxedos within your search for a tuxedo rental near me, keep the following pointers in mind to ensure that you look your best for the big day:

It is Not Really Optional

If you receive an invitation that says that is “black tie optional” or some other deviation of this, understand that it really is not an option and is expected.

Tuxedos Are More Formal

Although some people narrow down their fashion choices for big events to suits and tuxedos, the two are very different.  Suits are generally less formal than tuxedos.  People who know fashion will be able to tell the difference between a black and well-tailored suit versus a tuxedo.  While suits are usually appropriate for daytime events or less formal events.

Look for Classics

If you are not comfortable branching off to something that you are not familiar with, ask for a classic look.  Wear a single-breasted one-button jacket with a shawl collar or peaked lapels.  You can’t go wrong with a traditional black option.

Match the Formality

If the event will be very formal, take the extra steps to elevate the formality of the tuxedo.  Jetted pockets are more formal than flap pockets.  Pants should be fitted with suspenders and not a belt.  Select options that have more satin, such as pockets, side seams or lapels.

Coordinate Accessories

You can choose a number of accessories to add a bit of personal style and sophistication.  This includes shoes, socks, ties, pocket square, vests and cummerbunds.  The sales staff can make recommendations on which accessories will enhance the ensemble.