What Not to Do Tuxedo Guide

When selecting a tuxedo in Parkland, there are many tips that can help you make a good final selection.  However, there are also certain things to avoid when selecting a tuxedo in Parkland.  You are more likely to wind up with a nice, well-fitting tuxedo if you avoid the following:

Wear Notched Lapels

Notched lapels are not as formal in nature.  Therefore, they are usually avoided when dressing for a wedding or other formal event.

Wear Flap Pockets

Flap pockets are another detail that is better left for less formal events that generally require a tuxedo.  

Wear Pleats Down

When you are putting on a cummerbund, be sure that the pleats are facing up.  The original history of this accessory item included gentleman storing theater tickets inside of it.  Therefore, the traditional look is to wear the pleats up.

Wear a Belt

Suspenders are the appropriate device used to help keep tuxedo trousers in the appropriate location.

Wear Two or Three-Button Single-Breasted Tuxedos

These options are too informal for a good tuxedo fit.  While these may be appropriate for suits, they are not typically formal enough for black tie events.  Opt instead for a one-button or double-breasted choice.

Wear the Cummerbund Too High

Many people unfamiliar with proper tuxedo attire make the mistake of wearing the cummerbund too high.  It should be placed around the person’s waist.


A polished look necessitates coordination with the various pieces that make up the ensemble.  Having accessories that are too flashy may sometimes clash.  Avoid shoes that have wingtips, broguing or bicycle toes.  Rather than wearing a tie that is one shade different than another piece, make sure that it coordinates with other accessories and contrasts nicely with the shirt.

The professional sales team at Ted Barry Tuxedos can ensure that you avoid any fashion missteps.