Selecting a Tuxedo Based on Your Body Shape

Part of the trick of finding a suitable tuxedo in Ft. Lauderdale is being able to tell which styles will work best for you.  Certain body types are enhanced by certain tuxedo fits.  Consider these guidelines when shopping for your next Ft. Lauderdale tuxedo:

Slim Fit Tuxedo

The Young Slim Entrepreneur who follows the latest trends but wants to have the “Custom Fit Look” in a Rental Tuxedo.

Many Bridal Parties today consist of Young Boys as well, and the sizes range from Toddler to Teens in an array of colored Tuxedo Styles.

Therefore, whether a man has a Slim Build or a Muscular Physique, the Tuxedo Industry has made available many choices which also include different style pants to coordinate and please the customer.

Pleated Tuxedo Pants accommodate a fuller body type while the Modern Fit is recommended for the Slimmer Type.

Classic Fit Tuxedos

A style illusion is to use a one-button jacket to make your waist appear smaller than it is.  Additionally, thinner lapels help elongate your body and make your height stand out.  Pleats in the back can complement this body type, but you can also opt for a narrow leg to create a thinner appearance.  Tight jackets should be avoided as they will simply look like they do not fit.  Vests also help elongate the body as do thin ties.

Short and Muscular or Husky

Individuals who are short and stout often have the goals of appearing taller and thinner. This look can be better achieved with the use of a shawl collar jacket with narrow lapels with one or two buttons. Narrow leg trousers often help narrow the appearance of your legs.  Avoid tuxedo choices that add more bulk, such as wide trousers, double-breasted jackets or wing collar shirts.

Short and Thin

Shorter customers are often able to help elongate their bodies by using shoulder pads, flat front trousers, a vest and a tie while avoiding double-breasted jackets and shawl collars. Optical illusions can be created when trouser lengths are made longer in the back than the front.

Tall and Slender

One attractive option for tall and slender customers is a two button jacket with a peaked collar. Three or four button styles are also popular options. Double-breasted jackets can help add some weight in the front if desired. Broader shoulders are created with the use of shoulder pads.