“Tuxedo and More” Checklist for Prom

Prom season in Fort Lauderdale may be the first time that you and your teen have had the opportunity to select a tuxedo. Prom night is one that is remembered for a lifetime. To make the most of this memorable experience, consider the following “tuxedo and more” checklist for Fort Lauderdale proms.

Rent Your Tuxedo

Prom season is one of the busiest times in the tuxedo industry. If possible, try to visit at least six to eight weeks before the prom to make sure that you get the tuxedo that you want. Know the color that your date will be wearing so that you can complement it. There are a number of options to add color to tuxedos, including vests, ties, socks, shoes and other accessories. There are slim fits, traditional fits and more modern options. Try on a few different styles to see how they look on you and which type you prefer.

Make Other Purchases

Well before the event, make sure that all of your other bases are covered. Be sure that you purchase prom tickets and ask about any rules pertaining to out-of-school dates if applicable. Purchase flowers or a corsage for your date. If you are planning on renting a limo or dining out before or after the event, be sure you lock in reservations early.

Add to Your Regimen

In addition to the normal regimen of showering, deodorizing and brushing your teeth, take some extra time in tending to your appearance. Consider getting a haircut, shaving, getting a manicure or taking a little more time with other aspects of your hygiene. However, you may not want to move too far away from your comfort level right before a big day, so stick to the basics.